clean water and sanitation

Clean water projects include well drilling, underground rainwater catchment systems and filtration techniques. The clean water projects will be implemented across many villages simultaneously. The sanitation projects will be implemented as needed. 


Nutrition rehabilitation and supplemental feeding

Nutrition Rehabilitation projects will provide recuperative care for children 0-5 years identified with severe and moderate acute malnutrition in the surrounding villages of the Greater Accra region of Ghana, West Africa.  Out patient treatment will include ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF) and supplemental feeding.

food security and capacity building

Sustainable agriculture projects include small scale kitchen gardens and school-based agriculture projects. The rabbit breeding project serves multiple purposes in the region, including reduction of poverty and malnutrition, generation of a source of income for poor households and promotion of food security. Families and communities in need of nutrition and economic support will be identified and provided with training on how to use rabbits as a source of income and a food source.